Tribal Court

Schedule of Court Costs and Fees

Pursuant to its power under Sec.5.11 of the Tribal Court Code the Court hereby revises Fee Schedule as follows, effective as indicated below:

General civil actions (small claims)$25.00
Service of civil actions (certified mail)$15.00
Service for each additional defendant
Petition for Divorce$200.00
Divorce packets
Marriage Licensing Processing$50.00
Housina Petitions$25.00
Action to revise iudament$25.00
Petition for Modification of Child Custody and
/ or Placement
Name change $25.00
Wage garnishment$50.00
Motion for Contempt$25.00
All other motions$25.00
Guardianship (Adults and Minors)$25.00
Petition for Grandparents Rights$25.00
Domestic Abuse Restraining Order$0.00
Appeal from trialcourt
$125 Due Before the Hearing & $125 due After the Hearino
Appeal of administrative decision
(e.g.,gaming license action, emolovment case, etc.)
$100 flat rate
Certified copies (per page)$1.00
Certified copies (per page) – Color$2.00
Uncertified copies (per page)$0.50
Transcripts of court proceedings (per page)ACTUAL COST
FAX (per page)$1.00
(If it takes more than 15 minutes)
Admission fee 
(Fee Includes Book, Children’s Court Code, Some Natural Resources, but not complete Code.)
* There is no fee for filing a Motion for Enforcement of Physical Placement Order. However, the judge has the discretion to impose a fee if frivolous motions are filed.

Tribal Court Codes

PreambleFamilyConservation CodesNon-Indian Contract and Procurementns
on the Reservation with Fishing, Hunting,

Trapping and Ricing

Contract and Procurement

101 General Provisions
102 Definitions
115 Subpoenas201 Powers of Tribal Wardens326 Commercial Fishing in the Western
920 Code of Conduct 
102 Definitions
125 Children’s Code300 Conservation; General Provisions331 Resident Non-Member Indian PermitsWorkers Compensation
103 Establishment and Duties126 Marriage301 Hunting of Deer340 Sloughs Protection Ordinance1100 Workers Compensation
104 Judges127 Dissolution of Marriage302 Taking of Walleye350 Boat RegistrationEconomic Regulation [For Profit]
105 Civil Procedures129 Visitation Rights for Grandparents and Others303 Harvesting of Wild Rice351 Snowmobile Registration1200 Charter of Economic Organizations [Reserved]
106 Jurisdiction
130 Name Changes304 Trapping Ordinance352 All Terrain Vehicle Registration1300 Charter of Non-profit Economic Organizations
107 Clerk of Court131 Foster Home Licensing305 TaggingLease and Land Use1500 Motor Vehicle Licensing
108 Prosecutor134 Curfew306 Moose403 Tribal LeasesFireworks
109 Court Records135 Truancy310 Closed Fishing Season_ Interim Land Use Control1600 Regulation and Use of Fireworks
110 Complaint and Answers
145 Domestic & Family Violence Code315 Setting of Nets405 Bad River Utilities
Repatriation Committee
111 ServiceRules of Evidence320 Closed Deer Season450 Leasehold Mortgage Regulations1700 Establishment of a Repatriation Committee
112 Judgment
150 General
325 Commercial Fishing GamingBuilding Code Compliance Ordinance No: RI-1-66
113 Initial Appearance151 Relevancy326 Commercial Fishing in the Western500 Gaming Control OrdinanceTribal Housing Ordinance
114 Enforcement of Court Orders152 Privileges
Michigan Waters of Lake Superior
116 Criminal Procedures153 Witnesses327 Commercial Fishing Vessel601 Membership
117 Parties to a Violation154 Writings
Safety Regulations
118 Juveniles155 Hearsay327 Sloughs Protection Ordinance701 Cigarettes
119 Reserved128 Adult Guardianship330 Regulation of Members AssistingTraffic Safety
120 Seizures156 Judicial Notice
Exclusion and Removal
1400 Regulation of Traffic and Control of Parking Areas On the Bad River Reservation
121 Appeal ProcedureSafety Standards and Usage Operation
800 Exclusion and Removal of Non-Members from the Bad River Reservation
Public Safety
122 Small Claims Procedure360 Dog Control RegulationsHiring Ordinance1000 Establishment And Operation of Bad River Tribe Police Commission
123 Civil Remedial Forfeitures375 Solid Waste Recycling and Disposal900 Hiring by Contractors is Restricted1000 Winter Parking Ordinance
124 Landlord/Tenant Relations376 Open Burning, Burning Barrels

Department Directory

TitleContactEmailWork CellOffice PhoneDesk Extension
AttorneyErick 682-71071540
Staff AttorneyLisa 682-71071547
Staff AttorneyVince 682-71071531
Clerk of CourtLinda 682-71071544
Legal AssistantJulianne 682-71071542


Mailing Address:PO Box 39, Odanah, WI 54861
Physical Address:72682 Maple Street, Odanah, WI 54861
Building Name:Chief Blackbird Center
Department Phone Number:(715) 682-7107
Department Fax Number: (715) 685-2600