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Pipeline Information

It is the Bad River Tribal Natural Resource Department’s (BRNRD) responsibility (as stated in the NRD’s Mission Statement) to provide technical assistance to the Bad River Tribe in the protection, conservation, development and management of the natural resources throughout the Bad River Reservation and its treaty fishing waters in Lake Superior, thereby ensuring access to traditional pursuits by present and future members of the Tribe. The following pipeline information is provided to you by the BRNRD:

Pipelines within the Bad River Reservation*

  • Map A:  Pipelines by Company (pdf)
  • Map B:  Pipelines by Product Type (pdf)
  • Map C:  Pipelines by Right-of-Way (ROW) Expiration Date (pdf)
  • Map D:  Pipelines by Installation Date (pdf)

Enbridge Line 5 Through the Bad River Reservation*

  • Tribal Council Decision in January 2017: Removal of Enbridge Line 5 from Bad River Lands and Watershed (pdf)

Enbridge Line 5 Through Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest*

  • Map A:  Resource Conditions (pdf)
  • Map B:  Awasiinyag Potential Wildlife Impacts (pdf)
  • Map C:  Nibi Water Resources (pdf)
  • Map D:  Ziiga’andan Potential Drainages (pdf)

Water Sampling*

  • BRNRD Surface Water Sampling Sites from the Last 5 Years (pdf)
  • BRNRD Surface Water Sampling (1997-2016) (pdf)

Land Ownership*

  • Tribal and Individual Allotments with Expired (2013) Enbridge Line 5 Right-of-Way (pdf)

Pipeline Informational Fact Sheets

  • Fact Sheet (pdf)
  • Bad River Meander Arial Photos Over Time (pdf)

Tribal Government Press Releases and Actions 

Bad River Community Informational Pipeline Meetings 

  • The BRNRD held the first of a series of Community Informational Pipeline Meetings on December 15, 2016 at the Bad River Casino Convention Center. (flyer)

*High resolution printouts available upon request, contact GIS & Map services in-person or via email:

Project Review Information & Forms

Welcome to the Bad River Natural Resources Department’s project review process. Our Department (NRD) is tasked with facilitating “the development of institutions of tribal self-governance to ensure the continued sovereignty of the Bad River Tribe in the regulation and management of its natural resources” by enforcing the environmental codes and ordinances passed by the Tribal Council that protect the natural resources of the Reservation for the next seven generations. The Bad River Tribal Council has additionally supported the project review process through a motion at the August 1, 2018 to allow the NRD to begin implementing the process. 

Form NameForm UseForm Type
Project Review Form
Access Permit PDF 
Access Permit Fees (effective 10/1/18) 
Anti-degradation Demonstration for Outstanding Resource Waters (Tier 2.5 Waters)and 
for Exceptional Resource Waters (Tier 2 Waters)
Anti-degradation Demonstration for Outstanding Tribal Resource Waters (Tier 3 Waters)
Bad River THPO Section 106 NHPA Compliance: On-Reservation Request for Review Form
Invasive Species Equipment Inspection Handout
Recommended Avoidance Guidelines for some Wildlife Species on Bad River Reservation
Open Burning, Burn Barrel, and Fire Prevention Ordinance (Chapter 376 of the Bad River Conservation Code)
Wetland Application
Wetland Application Instructions

Department Directory

ProgramTitleContactEmailWork CellOffice PhoneDesk ExtensionFax Number
NRDDirectorNaomi Tillisonnrdirector@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-0197715-682-71231561715-682-7118
NRDAdministrative AssistantFlorence PowlessDNRrecept@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231550715-682-7118
NRDOutreach CoordinatorBerthea OlbyNRDOutreach@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231589715-682-7118
BrownfieldBrownfields SpecialistMarKatie MealyBrownfields@badriver-nsn.gov715-685-4440715-682-71231587715-682-7118
EnvironmentalEnvironmental SpecialistJessica StrandEnvironmental@badriver-nsn.gov715-685-8860715-682-71231551715-682-7118
Environmental- Air QualityAir Quality SpecialistNathan Kilgerairquality@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231555715-682-7118
Environmental- Air QualityAir Quality TechnicianDaniel Wiggins Jr.Air1@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231553715-682-7118
Environmental- Climate ChangeClimate Change CoordinatorEric AndrewsClimate@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231562715-682-7118
Environmental- GISGIS SpecialistSuzi Smithgspec@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231559715-682-7118
FisheriesFisheries SpecialistJacob Rodmakerfisheryspecialist@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231552715-682-7118
FisheriesHatchery Foreman/ Fisheries TechnicianEd LeosoFishTech@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-5830715-682-71231556715-682-7118
ForestryForestry SpecialistGena AbramsonForester@badriver-nsn.gov715-685-8929715-682-71231563715-682-7118
Conservation EnforcementChief Conservation WardenGerald Whitechiefwarden@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-7822715-682-71231560715-682-7118
Conservation EnforcementConservation WardenMegan MihalkoBRWarden@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-1902715-682-71231607715-682-7118
Conservation EnforcementConservation WardenBrad BigboyBRNRWarden@badriver-nsn.gov715-979-1181715-682-71231607715-682-7118
POWTSPOWTS InspectorEugene Bigboy Jr.powts@badriver-nsn.gov715-685-8727715-682-71231663715-682-7118
RealtyLease AidePatti Bigboylease@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231588715-682-7118
Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO)Tribal Historical Preservation OfficerEdith LeosoTHPO@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-8286715-682-71231662715-682-7118
THPOTHPO Compliance AssistantSamantha RosinTHPOCC@badriver-nsn.gov715-979-1957715-682-71231618715-682-7118
Water ResourcesWater Resources SpecialistVACANT715-682-71231566715-682-7118
Water ResourcesWetlands SpecialistShea Schachameyerwetlands@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231602715-682-7118
Water ResourcesHatchery/Wetland/Field TechnicianEd Wigginswetlandstech@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231548715-682-7118
Water ResourcesWater Resources Technician/ Lab CoordinatorEd KolodziejskiwrTech@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231565715-682-7118
Water ResourcesWater Resources TechnicianNick BlanchardWaterTech@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231549715-682-7118
WildlifeWildlife/GIS SpecialistAbigail FergusWildlife@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231554715-682-7118
Wildlife/ Water ResourcesInvasives Species CoordinatorDarrell BurnsInvasives@badriver-nsn.gov715-979-1071715-682-71231558715-682-7118
Education Dept.Indigenous Arts & Sciences CoordinatorLori LemieuxIAS@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231535715-682-7118
Legal Dept./NRD (THPO)Policy AnalystLisa WrazidloStaffAttny@badriver-nsn.gov715-682-71231547715-682-7118


Mailing Address:PO Box 39, Odanah, WI 54861
Physical Address:72682 Maple Street, Odanah, WI 54861
Building Name:Chief Blackbird Center
Department Phone Number:715-682-7123
Department Fax Number: 715-682-7118