“Bad River Community Boil Notice”

Odanah, WI, July 15, 2016– Attention all Bad River tribal residents with wells that were affected by flooding within reservation boundaries. DO NOT CONSUME ANY WELL WATER UNTIL THE FLOODWATERS HAVE RECEDED AND THE WELL HAS BEEN TESTED AND APPROVED FOR USE.

Whenever you notice a change in water quality, or any time there’s been flooding near your well, have your well tested for bacteria contamination. All individual wells owned by tribal members will be sampled by Indian Health Services.

If contamination is found, your well will be disinfected. Until the test results are known, follow these procedures to ensure safe drinking water:

-Drink bottled water or water from a known, safe source.

-Bad River residents can contact Essie Leoso-Corbine for clean drinking water at (715) 292-0067.

-If necessary, you can make water safe to drink by boiling it for five minutes.

When in doubt, if the water is CLOUDY, ODOROUS, COLORED- DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! For more information regarding wells please contact Bad River Command Center at (715) 685-7859.

Emergency Plans:

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