To Work Toward a More Progressive, Financially Stable Government, To Maintain Tribal Sovereignty; and Enable Members to Progress Individually, Towards a More Fulfilling Life Culturally, Spiritually, and Economically


The reservation’s conservation area contains almost 500 miles of rivers and streams, over 30,000 acres of wetlands, 38 miles of Lake Superior shoreline, and the Kakagon Sloughs.

The sloughs contain 13% of all coastal wetlands within the Lake Superior basin and is labeled a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. The site also protects wild rice beds that are becoming increasingly fragmented on Lake Superior; as the only remaining extensive coastal wild rice bed in the Great Lakes region, it is critical to ensuring the genetic diversity of Lake Superior wild rice (Ramsar)

Awards and Recognition

The Tribe has received numerous awards and recognition in efforts to protect the environment, such as:

Wisconsin Nature Conservancy Conservation Partnership Award
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Walter B Jones Memorial
NOAA Excellence Award for Coastal and Ocean Resource Management
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program Coastal Stewardship Award
The Bad River Tribe was the first tribe in Wisconsin to be granted authority under the Clean Air Act to protect our Nations’ vital air resources as a sovereign partner with the US Environmental Protection Agency
Kakagon/Bad River Sloughs named a Wetland GEMTM by the Wisconsin Wetland Association in recognition of the Bad River Tribe’s efforts for conservation & stewardship of this coastal wetland ecosystem
Kakagon/Bad River Sloughs receiving the Blue Globe Award from the World Wetland Network in January, 2012
Bad River Tribe received the authority of treatment in a manner similar to a state (TAS) for the Clean Water Act Sections 303 (c)/401 for a Water Quality Standards Program
The NRD has recently received the Geospatial Information System (GIS) Program of the Year Award